EEF's values and the way we work for manufacturers in the UK | EEF

Our values

Just as important as what we do, is the way we do it.

Our values underpin everything we do. They’re the foundation of our organisation, informing the way we carry out our work.

We earn trust through our integrity, reliability and by demonstrating our expertise.

We’re proud of our professionalism — being qualified, skilled and consistently doing a good job.

We anticipate and respond to the needs of our customers, members and stakeholders, meaning we build powerful, lasting business relationships.

We stand for high-quality, ethical behaviour, and smart investment decisions. We believe in offering competitively priced services.

The practical evidence of how we put our values into practice comes through in the results we deliver for businesses and our customer satisfaction ratings. 

We participate in national customer service benchmarking conducted through the Institute of Customer Service. In these independently conducted surveys of our customers we regularly score 10 points above the average UK business, and 5 points above the UK service sector as a whole.

We aren't resting on our laurels.  We are determined, through continuous improvement, to raise and maintain the quality of service we provide.

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