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You often hear about people following in their father’s footsteps, we recently spoke to Macauley about his apprenticeship with Sertec and the reasons why he wanted to work in engineering. You can read more about his family connections below and how he wanted followed in his brother and father’s footsteps.

Name: Macauley Galvin

Job Title: Toolmaking Apprentice

Company: Sertec


Why did you choose engineering?

The main reason why I chose engineering is because it’s always been around me in my family as my dad and brother also both work in the engineering industry, my dad in the electrical sector and my brother in the aerospace sector. My dad like myself started off as an apprentice went through his apprenticeship and now he’s a projects manager at Eaton Electrical where he has been working for over 20 years. He has started off at the bottom and with hard work and determination he has worked his way up to a very good job role in the company. My brother also like myself and dad went down the apprenticeship route. He finished his apprenticeship at the end of last year and has now been given a full time role at UTC Aerospace Systems. He attended EEF training college in his first year and second year like I am doing myself and ended up completing a HNC in Manufacturing Engineering which is also something I am very keen to do myself eventually.

I have always been interested in engineering from an early age, always interested in how things are made and how they work and having my dad and brother also working in the engineering industry starting off the same way I did made it very easy for me to choose engineering as the industry I wanted to get involved in. They both now have very good jobs in their companies and this makes me even more determined to complete my apprenticeship to the best of my ability to ensure I can also be as successful as both my dad and brother and that I create as many opportunities as I can for myself in the future. The engineering industry itself is massive, there are so many different engineering sectors which means there are so many different choices as to what people can get apprenticeships in, so the possibilities and opportunities are endless for young people like myself.


What made you go down the apprenticeship route?

In my opinion apprenticeships are great for many reasons such as, as an apprentice you will be paid whilst you are learning and picking up valuable skills. This means you will have a regular income and many apprenticeships offer very good wages.

Doing an apprenticeship also helps you gain many qualifications along the way, such as BTEC National Diplomas, PEO’s, HNC and HND to name a few. These are all well recognised qualifications and gaining them will help you get as many opportunities in the future as you possibly can.

Not everyone wants to do full time education, doing an apprenticeship allows you to properly prepare yourself for the working world. You will be going out and getting experience of working in a proper job, which is priceless experience.

There is also no worry of having to pay back university fees which is also a massive bonus as many young people today think that going to university is the only option when it’s not.

There are so many apprenticeships about that there is always going to be something out there for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding the apprenticeship that is right for you.

Finally my brother couldn’t big up his apprenticeship enough, he absolutely loved it. He was doing work he was interested in, making new friends, gaining skills, qualifications and experience. He said doing an apprenticeship was the best decision he ever made and he hasn’t looked back since.


What do you enjoy most about your job role?

The thing I enjoy most about my job role is that I am always doing various different things, pretty much nearly every day at work is different. One day I could be making something on the lathe, one day I could be making something on the miller, one day I could be using the grinding machine etc. So it is very good as I am exposed to many different machines which allows me to gain the skills to use them better.


What advice would you give to someone looking to start an apprenticeship?

The advice I would give someone is that if it is something you are definitely interested in then go for it because apprenticeships are really a good route to go down. Just make sure you find out what interests you most so you can find the apprenticeship that is right for you, there is something for everyone.


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