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Manufacturing Market Research and Intelligence

EEF is the one-stop-shop for market intelligence in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, helping provide you with information that you can use for benchmarking for your business. With the ever increasing importance of data and research before leadership level decisions are made, our up to date market intelligence will provide your business leaders with an insight that will help you make smarter business decisions: be they top-level board decisions or more minor operational changes. Our position as a leader in the engineering and manufacturing sector gives us a unique understanding of the market, and our research and intelligence insights help you to plan for the future with confidence.

Our services:


Pay benchmarking reports

Our three pay surveys enable you to accurately benchmark your rates of pay and benefits against the market, so you can make informed decisions about reward.

Workforce Pay Benchmark: More than 100 manual, clerical and technical roles from administration and accounts through to design, shopfloor and apprentices.
Professionals’ Pay Benchmark: Over 80 engineering and managerial roles, encompassing a range of departments.
Directors’ Pay Benchmark: Director level positions including Managing Director/Chief Executive, with additional data on selected benefits.


Tailor made benchmarking and research

Our bespoke services in benchmarking and research allow for more in-depth and personalised exploration of business issues.


Job matching: You provide a set of job descriptions, we then match these against our database of manufacturing pay data and produce an independent report of our findings.
Bespoke pay and benefit research: We can design and deliver a tailored piece of pay research to meet your specific needs, giving you total flexibility on content.
Employee opinion surveys: We offer a range of levels of employee opinion survey to meet the needs of companies, from operation only to bespoke questionnaire design.
Workplace best practice: We offer research and intelligence to enable you to make informed and confident business decisions to future-proof your business growth.


Industry benchmarking

We also have a range of short benchmarking reports on HR issues such as absence and labour turnover, as well as regular pay settlement updates.

Absence: Compare your absence rates against those of other organisations.

Gender pay gap benchmark for manufacturing: Find out the latest data on the gender pay gap and other required reporting metrics, and get an insight into the whole topic.

Holiday entitlement: Get information on the level of basic paid holidays other companies give employees and the provision of service related leave.

Labour turnover: Benchmark the level of churn in your business.

Pay settlements: Find out the latest trends in national and regional pay settlements.

Sick pay: Find out more about what other organisations offer in terms of sick pay for their employees.

Shift pay: Get a detailed insight into the patterns and premia on six different shift arrangements.

Standby and call-out allowances: Review the latest data on standby and call-out, from the allowances paid, to the types of employees that are asked to be on standby/call-out and the reasons why.


Industry insight

Inflation update: Get a summary of the latest inflation figures.

Industry reports: You can access other EEF industry reports in the EEF resources and knowledge section.

Infoline: Tap into your own research team with fast reliable access to information on EEF reports, economic data and pay research.



Benchmarking survey forms


Get free or discounted access to our pay benchmarks:  Manufacturers who take part in our pay benchmark reports ensure they get either, free access to the pay reports (members only), or a significant discount on the report costs (non-members).

Click here to find out when you can get involved and how to download the survey questionnaires. 


Our blogs


Directors' Pay Benchmark: which way does the compass point?

Discover the trends in pay, bonuses and benefits for Directors in our 2018-19 benchmark report.


Engineering an increase in professionals pay

Find out the latest trends in pay and bonuses from the 2018-19 Professionals' Pay Benchmark.


Who tops the table for workforce pay in manufacturing?

We examine the latest data from the 2018-19 Workforce Pay Benchmark.


Taking a break - the latest trends in holiday entitlement

Discover more about the amount of paid annual leave companies are giving employees.


Downward trend in absence is good news for manufacturers

We outline the latest trends in sickness absence in the manufacturing sector and ways to manage absence. 



Benchmarking turnover

We examine some of the latest trends in labour turnover in manufacturing.


Calling out for allowances

Find out about the types of employees that are asked to be on standby/call out, the reasons why, and the range of allowances provided.


A benchmark for pay at the top

Find out about the key trends in the 2017-18 Directors' Pay Benchmark.


Frequently Asked Questions put to our research team

Find out some common questions posed to our Research team.


The latest on manufacturing pay across the workforce

Find out more about the 2017-18 Workforce Pay Benchmark report.


Shifting the focus onto shift premia in manufacturing

We discuss why manufacturers opt for shift work and the need to understand and review these working arrangements. It also summarises some of the key findings of our new benchmark on shift pay and patterns.


Occupational sick pay a common benefit for employees

We look at sick pay provision, how occupational sick pay entitlement varies by length of service and why companies may choose to offer enhanced sick pay.


Our publications:



Get access to our annual benchmark on absence rates and average number of days lost to absence.


Gender pay gap benchmark for manufacturing

Download our first benchmark on the gender pay gap in manufacturing.           


Holiday entitlement

Click here to access our new report on holiday entitlement.


Labour turnover

Download our benchmark report on employee churn.           

Regional pay settlements

Click here to find our regional pay settlement reports.


Shift patterns and premia

Find out how to access our report on shifts.


Sick pay

View and download our benchmark on sick pay provision.           

Standby and call-out allowances

Download our new report on allowances for standby and call-out.



Find out how we can help: For an informal discussion on how our research team can help you contact or call 0808 168 5874.

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