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Energy services

We provide energy procurement and consultancy services to help you select the right energy tariff, saving you both time and money.

Working closely with our approved partners Inprova Energy and CMR Consultants, we provide solutions to the major challenge of rising energy costs. We’ve combined their energy, carbon and water procurement and consultancy knowledge with our own environmental expertise to provide a comprehensive range of services that reduce energy consumption and deliver cost savings, whilst achieving environmental targets.

Our energy services offer:

  • discounted energy procurement, risk management and supplier management services
  • consultancy services, including complex energy mapping, technical, conceptual and performance specifications and intensive energy reduction programmes
  • market leading data management solutions, including bespoke consumption monitoring and reporting services
  • invoice validation and cost recovery services, checking billing accuracy and resolving queries
  • advice and guidance from a team who understands the challenges of manufacturing, such as volume volatility and on-site generation mix

For further details, see below

  • Energy management

    Our energy services help you use energy more efficiently, eliminate waste and reduce your bills

  • Energy procurement

    Our energy purchasing solutions help you secure the lowest price for your energy supplies.

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